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OUR Services

At Al Khairat Furniture and Décor our team of well qualified professionals work with you to create the decoration of your dreams.

We can make your life easier, our designer will help your decoration to fit your home and lifestyle. Working to meet your individual needs Al Khairat furniture and Décor can perfectly design and plan your furniture and decoration needs, and select wood designs in order to create your dream home !

We can make your life more luxurious , when its time to plan and remodel your home furniture and décor, we can help you to choose a beautiful and wide selection of the latest furniture decoration designs. We can help you redesigns your present home, adding new designs to create a place that provides comfort along with functions. If you are wanted, in a style that fits your definition of luxury.

Our installers have been doing furniture and décor for years and are considered the best in U.A.E. They take great pride in fitting your customer furniture with utmost care and attention to detail , so that you can enjoy your new furniture for many years to come.

We are always happy to work with your own builder and installer , if you desire we will work together to coordinate delivery schedules and do everything we can do to provide support to achieve results that you can be proud of in the years ahead.


In the following we would like to give you an ideas of what Al Khairat works with :

1. All wooden doors for villas and Buildings.

2. All wooden decoration for offices, villas, hotels, buildings and shops.

3. All furniture for offices, villas and hotels.